Bloggers are the best!

Dimi is a student at Ohio State doing amazing things. She has her own blog, just started her own business, and currently collaborated with Madewell which I was lucky enough to help her out with.

Check out some some shots we got together! Did we capture the Madewell essence? Let us know.

( here's her blog to check out --> http://www.theaspiringcloset.com )


A Week in Nashville

Since my boyfriend is currently living in Nashville, I've gotten a couple opportunities to explore the city. Here are some of my favorite finds of the week!

1. Amelia's Flower Truck

The flowers were a bit pricey ($3-$6 / stem) but well worth the experience (and photo op). It's impossible not take photos of the cute mobile floral shop and their staff is super friendly! We were driving by and from my gasp of excitement, Jakob agreed to stop. We found the truck parked outside of Imogene + Willie (which is also so cool btw) but if you go to their website, there's a whole calendar of their stops so you can be sure to catch them! Here's my little creation --> 


2. Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center

After we avoided paying $26 for parking (you may have to walk a little), we made it to the hotel! I had only seen photos of the inside and assumed it was a greenhouse type of building but turns out, it's actually a resort. It has a European feel from the architecture mixed with a southern plantation with the plants and tourists. It's free to walk around and there's a lot of different paths so it's easy to spend a decent amount of time in there. It was a nice escape from the chilly weather and seeing the waterfalls, lush green plants, and flowers transports you somewhere else. 

3. Proper Bagel

YUM. That about sums it up. If you go, please I beg of you, get the sweet potato hash. It was easy to find vegetarian options and delicious too. I ended up with the avocado & egg - farm egg, avocado, plain cream cheese (I subbed veggie cream cheese), arugula, and housemade tomato jam on a [spinach everything] bagel. 

Food 10/10

Decor 10/10

Line 3/10

4. Franklin Juice Co

If you're looking for a delicious smoothie bowl, this is your spot. It's the most flavorful bowl (and favorite) bowl I've had out of a handful of different places. Each bowl comes with so many toppings and the ratio IMO is perfect. Highly recommend the big island -

base : acai, frozen stawberries, frozen banana, natural peanut butter, apple juice

+ toppings : granola, fresh banana, raw almonds, raw hemp seed, bee pollen, raw honey.

They're a bit of a sugar rush and average price for a bowl (~$10) like this but so tasty for a treat.

5. AVO

After seeing their Instagram and this being a spot I was looking forward to, I can confidently say my expectations were exceeded. The menu is plant-based, seasonal, and vegan as well as dairy and egg-free unless noted. After being vegetarian and mostly dairy-free for about 3 months now, it was odd and exceptionally exciting to be able to order anything from the menu rather than restricted to a few options. To start, Jakob and I shared the avocado toast which blew my mind and tastebuds from the pickle I never would have thought to add and copious amounts of avocado on crunchy sourdough. For my entree, I went for the Glazed Cauliflower Steak that came with black rice risotto, romesco, and herbs which was surprisingly filling. Aaaaand I couldn't help myself and tasted the Pad Thai that Jakob got which was a cold dish made from kelp noodles. 

6. Killebrew Coffee

Just another cute lil coffee place if you're in the mood. I couldn't get over the grey marble tabletops and white tile walls - they've got it going on with the decor. Their chai tea latte hit the spot and had a little kick to it, too.

Overall, great week, great memories and I'm looking forward to seeing more of the city in the (hopefully) near future! @internships please hire me 

6 Thing I Learned Behind the Scenes - Food Photography

This past week, I was lucky enough to find myself helping Allie Lehman shoot her dessert cookbook. Here's some stuff I learned.

1. Real people can actually make these recipes. (and they do)

From jumping in to recipes and baking day after day, it became routine but after posting on Instagram about it, a friend asked, "Wait. You guys actually baked??" It seemed like a normal thing for me but I guess I, too, assumed that the writer of the cookbook would be making the recipes. This one really blew my mind. Is it even Paula Deen putting all the butter in her desserts for the photos?! 

2. You can eat the food in the photos.

I had heard of food stylists ever since I was little, being told that the pictures of the food in photos were fake or plastic. Not these! We followed recipes, measured out the ingredients, and put them in the oven to bake. Nothing was even done for the shot except adding some water to make the glaze a little shinier. 

3. Learn to love doing dishes. 

Real food = real dishes. I've never been one who enjoys doing dishes but I've come to realize they're not so bad. When I wasn't doing them, something felt off so I wandered into the kitchen and did the few that were in the sink. My mom's jaw would have dropped. Twenty years and I wasn't as well trained as I was by Allie in a couple of days. Sorry mom! 

4. Add to your baking résumé.

Before the cookbook, I couldn't say that I had made one cheesecake let alone two, scones, curry cookies, mango cherry oatmeal cookies, custard cups, or a lemon bundt cake all from scratch. Coming from buying my cookies from a roll in a fridge, this was quite an improvement. 

5. Get friends to help save you from leftovers.

Even though there were 5 interns and friends stopping over, there was still a plethora of sugar that needed to be eaten. If only it was around the holidays and these could be gifted. Expect piles of plates and foil and full bellies. Even better, invite your friends over for some dessert you made ~just for them~.  

6. Prepare to be sick of sugar. 

I'd say my sweet tooth takes over any other kind of craving. No matter what time of day, I'm ready for some sugar. But after 20+ hours of baking and tasting and photographing, I just couldn't take any more. I can't say this will keep me away long term, but it's a nice change. Although, I'm placing bets that I'll be deep in some brownies next week.